We Love Lamp // How to Add Mood to Your Interior

With the cold, dark winter days upon us, it's important to (now, more than ever) add warmth and mood to your home's interior. There's nothing better than snuggling up in the sofa with a hot beverage and dimly-lit twinkles of light surrounding you.

Here are some options we love to incorporate into our clients' homes...

Table Lamps

We love using a table lamp (or two) on an entry console for a great first impression. Not only does it highlight a normally dark area, but it also adds height and can frame artwork perfectly!

It's pretty obvious that a lamp next to a bed or sofa is a must-do. Not only can you adjust the mood super easily for a calming environment, but it's also practical for late-night reads.

Floor Lamps

We love floor lamps for the height they add to a space. Have an empty corner that's looking a bit lack-lustre? Pop in a floor lamp - it's that easy! Pick a textured shade to effect the way the light is filtered throughout the room.

Wall Lights / Sconces

The perfect way to add drama to your house is through a wall light. Wall lights can completely transform a space, whether it be your staircase or bedroom.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a great statement piece above a dining table, in a stairwell, or next to the bed. They're a bit harder to get spot on, so make sure you:

  1. Measure the shade and double-check to see if it will be the right scale for the space

  2. Double-check the length of the wiring and suspension. You don't want your electrician to install it in your stairwell only to find that it's too short!

Check out the gallery below for our favourite picks! Still stuck on ideas? Get in touch with us at hello@littlewhitelabel.com.au.

Message us at hello@littlewhitelabel.com.au for purchasing.

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