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Having your home's interior reflect who you are as an individual, couple or family is super important. Let's get together and nut-out how your practical needs can meet your styling dreams.

The Process

1. 1-Hour Consultation (which includes a return brief - see below)

2. Return Brief (includes inspiration boards, inventory list and itemised budget)

3. Moodboards & Concepts

4. Finalisation

The Benefits

- Your deposit for the interior design service is put towards your furniture order if you choose to purchase through Little White Label (this essentially means a free design service - crazy!)

- You're not refined to retail stores

- Full exposure to what we have, to source globally through Little White Label

- All ordering, coordination and communication of tracking and shipping is taken care of by Little White Label

- Quality control, installation supervision and styling is all in our hands



Want to add to your home (or start from scratch) but don't want to do it all at once? Let us set you up with everything you need for when you're ready to start shopping.

The Process

1. 1-Hour Consultation (which includes a return brief - see below)

2. Return Brief (includes inspiration boards, inventory list and itemised budget)

3. Moodboards & Respective Shopping List ($89 per hour)

The Benefits

- You get to purchase at your own pace

- Time it well and you can take advantage of retail sales




So you don't live in the city? No worries! Let's organise a consultation over video so we can help guide you to redesigning your home. The best part? You don't even have to get out of your tracksuit if you don't want to! 

$199 per hour with an $89 fee for every hour thereafter. 



Do you have, or are you looking to have an AirBnB or holiday rental but don't know how to make the space instagram-worthy? Let us help you revamp your property with our smart and carefully curated additions to increase your bookings without breaking the bank!


1. Soft Furnishings Refresh Package [1-day service] 

2. Furniture and Decor Package [2-3 week process]

3. Custom Package [6-12 week process]

Need more info? Get in touch with us at hello@littlewhitelabel.com.au