Transform Your Home with Texture

What is the first thing you think of when re-designing a space? Perhaps you might naturally go straight to colour then look to accessories and furniture? All of these things are super important, however without texture these items won't make a space complete. Keep reading to find out how to apply texture successfully to really take your home to the next level...


Lighting is an important factor to consider when it comes to adding texture to the home, as ambient light can transform a space into a soft and inviting space, or cold and harsh space. Look to a warm light source for a softer moody glow, or a cool white light for a brighter and more contemporary look.


Layer different textures for the perfect balance of hard and soft. Without both "smooth" and "textured" surfaces, a space can easily feel either too clinical and uninviting or too busy and overwhelming.

Take the example of this kitchen photograph: the gorgeous textured feature wall beautifully balances the smooth surface of the bench and clean lines of the minimalist cabinetry. The warm glow of the light highlights this and is the perfect edition to the space.

Look to Plants

We've said it before and we'll say it again: the use of greenery and blooms are an easy way to lift a space. There's nothing like a gorgeous vase filled with greenery to add visual interest to the interior of a home.

Need more guidance when it comes to the interior design or decoration of your home? We're two interior designers based in Brisbane that would love to help you out! Contact us here or visit our instagram page for more tips and inspiration.

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