Styling Your Home on a Budget

Have champagne taste on a beer budget when it comes to interior design? Luckily we're in an age where great product is easily accessible and retailers are now realising how important it is for every day people to have access to gorgeous in-trend products at affordable prices.

As far as we're concerned, there's a place for every brand and that furniture or homewares from budget retailers are not be scoffed at! Below are a few of the stand-outs (in our opinion), as well as a few interior design tips and tricks on how to make these budget items work within your interior design scheme.


When it comes to affordable interior design ideas, we love turning to Kmart especially for things like layering. Kmart's lamps, vases, rugs and throws are great value for money and will not let you down!

One of our favourite Kmart spends would have to be the Sheared Wool Blend Medium Printed Rug. For just $69 (crazy, right?) this baby is a well-made flatwoven rug with muted colours that will be sure to make your bedroom or living room stand out. This rug had such a great response when the lovely Kmart By You reposted a pic of a bedroom styled by yours truly (picture below). Reference the orange/reds or blues in the rug through the use of decorative cushions and accessories to create a cohesive space.

Another Kmart favourite of ours is the Large Natural Tray. The thick woven texture is a great way to add layers to your dining or coffee tables. Did we mention it's only $13? Style it with exotic/bohemian pieces (see our styled shot for inspo below), or some classic Hamptons style decor - either way, you won't be disappointed!


Target's newly-released furniture range is next level. Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design, this collection is the go-to when it comes to all of your affordable furniture needs.

We have our eyes locked on the gorgeous Akira Side Table as it ticks all the boxes... Drawer for all your bits and pieces? Tick! Shelf for easy access to your favourite book? Tick! Textured design? Tick! For just $79 you'd be crazy not to update your existing bedside tables...

Another favourite is the Akira 3 Tier Shelf for it's clean, minimal silhouette. This guy can easily fit into any style home, paired with the right accessories of course! How much is it, do you ask? It's only $129, which is just crazy.

Now, just like anything in life: moderation is key. Filter these pieces into your home as layers to be sure your home doesn't end up looking like a retail catalogue. It's important to keep your individual sense of style and personality - that's what interior design is all about! With this being said, however, if you don't quite trust yourself and need an extra hand, reach out to us for some expert guidance.

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