Styling a Small Bedroom

We just came back from a few days in Melbourne, having stayed in a small one-bedroom apartment in the heart of the CBD. The Airbnb was great, but it could have been THAT much better with just a few simple tweaks here and there. With this in mind and our design juices flowing, we thought it would be a great idea to write up some tips and tricks into how to style a small bedroom (and make it feel larger than it is).


Instead of going for your typical bedside lamp, opt for a wall-mounted light or pendant light hung from the ceiling. Not only are these options a great way to add some personality into the room, but they will also save space by keeping the tops of your bedside tables (if you have space for them) completely free to use.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are super important when it comes to small spaces. The bedroom in our Airbnb, for example, had gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows - awesome! However, the windows only had roller blinds, which meant that if you wanted any form of privacy you had to roll the blinds down and rid of the beautiful view (and sunlight)! Now sheers, in addition to the roller blinds, would have been absolutely perfect in order to avoid this whole issue. Remember that natural light helps give the feeling of more space, so you want to maximise this where possible!


Bringing the outdoors in is always a good idea. Something like a pothos in a hanging basket would look great if floor space is an issue. Even a tall potted plant like an olive tree or fiddle leaf fig would be a great option if you have room to spare. Anything that draws the eye upwards is a great way to create the illusion of space.

Minimise Clutter

Speaks for itself, really.

Is your small space still giving you trouble? Need more help? Reach out to us: — we’d love to help out!

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