Our New Year's Resolution

It's a bit cliche but at this time of year everyone has set their New Year's resolutions... we're chiming in too, so here's ours:

1. First and foremost... eat less chocolate. Our pockets and our thighs will thank us.

2. Take the bin out the night before instead of rushing out as the driver pulls up. He's seen us too many times bra-less in our pj's - shout out to Glen!

3. Nag the husband less.

4. Exercise consistently. We know that 99.9% of New Year's resolutions include this, but holy hell it's true!

5. Explore more in our own backyard. We've seen a lot overseas and it's time to appreciate the land down under.

6. Join a sporting team - social, not competitive. We don't rate ourselves that highly.

7. Volunteer, because not everyone is as lucky as we are.

8. Have a baby, not just because @united_interiors have the cutest children's artwork at the moment. How adorable are their pieces below:

9. To clear our computer files. All of those design files add up, people!

10. Last but not least, this year will be all about focusing on our new business, collaborating with new people and continuing our awesome relationships with clients and suppliers. We can't wait for the year ahead and are so thankful for the amazing support. Bring on 2019 - it's going to be a memorable one!

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