Make Your Home Feel Bigger in 3 Easy Steps

A few years ago I bought my first property (yay!). Let’s be frank — this cute townhouse is not my dream home, but in order to buy somewhat close(ish) to the city meant having to make a few tiny itty-bitty compromises, which for me was size. It’s been a fun challenge working with the 130m2 I've got, so I thought I’d share some of the easy steps used to help maximise the interior of my humble home.

Keep Things Cohesive

Try keeping things light and bright to encourage the feeling of openness — this includes fabric weight too. Use this as a base, then layer with a simple monochromatic colour palette to add layers and depth without overwhelming the space. Remember that if you’re wanting to go down the all-white route then don’t forget to add textural layers to avoid a cold, sterile look.

Think Tall

It’s amazing how much height can impact the size of a room! When it came to selecting my window furnishings, I made it clear I wanted sky-high curtains. Try fixing your curtain track or rail in line with your cornice and not your window — it lengthens the height of the ceiling and will trick your eye into thinking it’s larger than it is. Keeping in mind that we love to keep things light, I opted for beautiful white linen S-fold curtains for floaty curtain goodness.

If you’re renovating or building, why not take advantage of the height of the room and build your cabinetry up to the ceiling — it’ll be super practical and not to mention it’ll look great!

The Bigger The Better

Okay okay so this is probably not the best subtitle considering this whole post is about dealing with smaller spaces, BUT when it comes to art this title speaks true. A small collection of pieces can sometimes feel cluttered. Keep it simple by showcasing one larger piece to create the statement you’re after.

When it comes to furniture, take this subtitle with a pinch of salt: you don’t want to use giant oversize pieces, but at the same time you want to avoid small-scale furniture as it’ll look bitsy and end up highlighting the lack of space — who would’ve thought!?

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