Easy Property Styling Tips For Those Looking to Sell

Getting your property ready for sale can be daunting so we would like to break it down a little and offer you some tips [you’re welcome!]…

Step 1: De-Clutter

It’s true what they say: less is more. If your real estate agent does their job right, you’ll be having large number of groups through your property and so you don’t want the space to feel congested.

Step 2: Create a Blank Canvas

Get rid of those feature walls! You may love a bright blue wall but it doesn’t mean your buyers will. The key is to neutralise the space from any bold choices to help your buyers envisage the way they will use and style the property once they purchase it.

Step 3: De-personalise Your Home

You want any potential buyers to be walking through your home and imagining themselves living in it. If they see photos of you and your family then they will feel as if they are in someone else’s house — you don’t want this!

Step 4: Invest in Some Seriously Awesome Styling

You may think it’s enough to get the gardens in order, paint the feature walls and de-clutter, however in this market it’s just not enough unfortunately. Investing in a professional to style your property is a MUST DO! They’ll maximise the interior and make sure it’s spot-on for the suburb, selling price and demographic you’re targeting

If you can’t afford to engage in a professional [no judgement there — there’s a lot of money involved in selling a property] then make do with what you have budget-wise. You’ll be surprised at what a few extra plump cushions and decorative items can do to the interior. Your property needs to feel like someone’s dream home, so you shouldn’t underestimate the power of soft furnishings.

Need more help? Reach out to us: hello@littlewhitelabel.com.au — we’d love to out!

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