Display Home Styling & Why It's Worth The Investment

Picture two houses side by side. One is completely empty and the other is beautifully furnished. Which one would you buy?

I'm sure 99.9% of you would agree that you'd be willing to spend the money on the furnished home and we know why:

  1. It's easier to visualise your life in a home when it's completely furnished.

  2. You can grasp the size and scale of the space/rooms better based on the furniture that's been installed.

  3. It draws you in and leaves a lasting impression, unlike the handful of empty properties you've walked through previously.

To any developers and builders reading this: it's important to consider the build in it's entirety and that means investing in a professional that can help tailor the interior to suit your brand, target market and the aesthetics of the build itself. All of these things effect the way a potential buyer will view the property, as well as judge your company as a whole.

There are three things to keep in mind when seeking a display home decoration service:

  1. Make sure the interior designer/decorator sources items tailored to each space and presents you with a moodboard so you can visualise how the property will look at completion.

  2. Purchase a furniture fit-out and have the furniture relocated to your next display (if it ties in with the aesthetic and floor plan). This will save you any on-going weekly costs associated with property styling.

  3. Instead of relocating the furniture, consider having a furniture sale as a marketing technique to a) draw more awareness to your company, and b) make a return on the furniture you've purchased - mind you, the return on investment is from the number of clients that will be drawn into your beautiful, furnished display home!

If you don't have a display home locked in, don't fret - there's still plenty of ways you can maximise your build and brand... How? Keep your eyes peeled for an up-coming blog.

Don't know where to begin? Get in touch with us at hello@littlewhitelabel.com.au for a break-down on how our display home decoration service works. We'd love to help you with your current display home strategy and take it to the next level.

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