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Sick of seeing your keys, mail and kids' school gear laying around in the entry? Well, we've had a few enquiries lately about stylish solutions to combat the entry/hallway "dumping ground" so this blog post is for you!

black entry console table with storage

Combating Shoes & Bags Pile Ups

Shoes and bags (and any bulkier items) are definitely an eyesore when it comes to the entry and unfortunately, these things are so easy to pile up after a long day at work/school. If you're starting from scratch in a new build, we'd highly recommend incorporating a mud room: a lovely area fit with plenty of storage (for shoes and bags) and hooks for coats, etc. However, if a renovation isn't feasible, this problem can easily be fixed with a less permanent solution....

Look to a buffet with plenty of storage so you can neatly put away bags out of sight. We adore the following pieces from Globe West for the perfect combination of style and storage:

1. Arlo Buffet $3220

2. Willow Woven Storage Unit $2990

3. Willow Woven Buffet $3685

We'd style the Arlo Buffet and the Willow Woven Buffet with either a simple round mirror or oversized artwork above. Layer the buffet with a beautiful bowl and vase with greenery to complete the space.

Depending on your entry, you could style the storage unit simply by adding a lush plant in a basket beside the unit. If you have a larger hallway you could add a plush bench seat beside the unit and, again, add either artwork or a mirror above.

Combating Keys & Mail Clutter

Good news - this is a super easy fix. All it takes is a beautiful bowl or tray and voila - your key problem is sorted! Mail can easily be put away in a compact drawer, so when it comes to shopping for a new console, maybe look into something with a drawer (or two) if you want the extra storage. We love these gorgeous Canvas & Sasson options:

1. Maine Marble Top Console Table

2. Irving Console

3. Manhattan Hall Table Oak

Like the buffets, style the wall space above these console tables with an amazing artwork or mirror, followed by some greenery or a set of table lamps to really add a special touch to your entry.

If you have fallen in love with one of these items (we totally have!) then please get in touch and we can organise these babies for you through our wonderful suppliers.

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