​We're just two girls with a passion, who have become connected through our love of design and styling and our want to create inspiring and fulfilling interiors for everyone to enjoy.​..

Little White Label is a boutique interior design and decorating studio based in the growing city of Brisbane. We have a penchant for spaces that combine luxury with practicality and will apply this to your unique design aesthetic. We love to work with residential and commercial clients to help with spatial, visual and practical interior solutions.


When we aren't at the studio, you'll find us planning our next overseas adventures. We find inspiration from everything that comes with different cultures: architecture, lifestyle and fashion. Design doesn't start and end with interiors for us - design circulates through all aspects of life.  

What You Can Expect From Us


We're all about being see-through here in terms of our services and how we work. We want to ensure that we work together - with you - as a team because we want you to have the dream interior you deserve!

Considered Design

We love pretty things, but we also know that functionality has to come into play also. We promise to consider you in every aspect: how you and your family use the space; your budget; and your values.

A Little Bit of Fun

You're re-doing your home - it's an exciting time! We're here to do the hard yards for you, so make sure you have fun with it.